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I congratulate the CIP for the provision of Jiangxi Zhenshiming Pharmaceutical


December 2, 2013 , Jiangxi - Jiangxi Pharmaceutical get value out SFDA approval of new GMP certification experts, through the GMP certification. " Treasure that" well-known trademarks in China . Ming Pharmaceutical treasure drops as ......

SDHUGE meet you "The Sixth China CBST2013"


Show Name: 2013 Sixth China International Beverage Industry Technology Exhibition (CBST2013) Show time: November 20, 2013 -22 days Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center Booth No. : W2 Hall 2F-33, 34...

SECESPOL forthcoming exhibition 71th API CHINA Autumn Fair ( Suzhou )


NEEDHAM : the 70th China International pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates, packaging , equipment Fair will be held at the Suzhou International Expo Center November 13, 2013 -15 days , as China's largest and most representative ......

I notice on the 2013 National Day holiday


Research by the company and in accordance with relevant state regulations, the company in 2013 the National Day holiday on the following dates: October 1, 2013 - October 7, seven days holiday, 8 October to resume normal work, ......

Qingdao, SDHUGE shine again in the 45th National Pharmaceutical Machine


NEEDHAM : April 25, 2013 to 27, the three-day 45th National Pharmaceutical Machinery Spring Fair was held in Qin......




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