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I congratulate the CIP for the provision of Jiangxi Zhenshiming Pharmaceutical

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December 2, 2013 , Jiangxi - Jiangxi Pharmaceutical get value out SFDA approval of new GMP certification experts, through the GMP certification. " Treasure that" well-known trademarks in China . Ming Pharmaceutical treasure drops as well-known manufacturers of the production process and product quality has very strict requirements , after I put the case to solve systemic winning treasure that is value out of high -quality and reliable products provide leading automation equipment, systems , and as treasured Ming Pharmaceutical qualified suppliers , their pass smoothly through the GMP certification, provides the necessary protection equipment . After a week of rigorous certification examination , our company's cleaning system in place (CIP) and integrated dosing system , one , zero defect certification , access to the users and blown away by the SFDA certified experts.
 I produced SECESPOL cleaning system in place (CIP) and integrated dosing system , in addition to have with the core strengths of heat transfer equipment , the automation process control and reign in the cleaning process also has the unique core technology and competitive advantage. The defect passed GMP certification, marking with independent intellectual property solutions for improving systemic in heat transfer technology , equipment, process technology and automation and control in the industry leading level. For more information about the SECESPOL products and services , please visit SECESPOL website.

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