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SECESPOL forthcoming exhibition 71th API CHINA Autumn Fair ( Suzhou )

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NEEDHAM : the 70th China International pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates, packaging , equipment Fair will be held at the Suzhou International Expo Center November 13, 2013 -15 days , as China's largest and most representative of Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry gathering the latest products and technologies. API CHINA & INTERPHEX CHINA focused on improving Chinese pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates, pharmaceutical packaging materials, pharmaceutical production equipment , the overall level of R & D , to provide the public safety, health protection medication . Show after 40 years of development, has formed more than 1,000 raw material drug production enterprises , the scale of more than 300 pharmaceutical packaging companies , more than 200 pharmaceutical equipment companies and more than 30,000 professional visitors at home and abroad . Joint API CHINA organized and INTERPHEX CHINA , supported by more than 97 % of China's pharmaceutical industry hundred enterprises , providing the best opportunity to establish information exchange, business cooperation with target customers for the pharmaceutical business decisions, procurement, technology , research and development personnel .
SECESPOL pharmaceutical industry as heat exchange system solutions providers are invited to participate in this event, aiming to provide more advanced heat exchanger cooling solution for pharmaceutical companies , while the new and old customers to build a communication platform to promote the pharmaceutical industry technology low-carbon innovation and industrial upgrading .

Our booth number : Suzhou International Expo Center 3AG79, stay tuned , Welcome !

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