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Qingdao, SDHUGE shine again in the 45th National Pharmaceutical Machine

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NEEDHAM : April 25, 2013 to 27, the three-day 45th National Pharmaceutical Machinery Spring Fair was held in Qingdao International Exhibition Center , the company exhibiting helical thread winding JAD heat exchanger, medicinal double plate heat exchanger tube cleaning systems and modular reign and other products on the exhibition attracted many people in the industry to come to consult and negotiate business .


Shandong Hongji Technology Co., Ltd. as the pharmaceutical industry, heat exchanger and cleaning the preferred provider of online solutions, this show features a self-developed mobile modular cleaning system in place (CIP), known as the "change hot Prince " imported screw thread JAD series of shell and tube heat exchanger , which can meet the new GMP requirements of sanitary medicinal double tube sheet heat exchanger P series , assembled double tube sheet series and is particularly suitable for injection cooling conditions under inline smooth tube heat exchanger and B series for corrosive environments such as the six top plastic heat exchanger products . These products are on display , not only for our customers to understand SECESPOL products , while allowing customers to experience our powerful R & D strength and a professional level of service .

The whole exhibition equipment most of the previous show , exhibitors and stable equipment performance is excellent , unique product structure, beautiful appearance is favored by many businessmen main reason . I must mention that the modular line cleaning systems (CIP) uses a unique modular design concept, the integration SECESPOL advanced technology, combined with its own domestic market knowledge and experience accumulated over the years of their own research and development. CIP cleaning process throughout the pre-set by the automatic control program , adhering to our company , " Quality by Design " concept ; addition, there is a complete quality control system, can provide a variety of technical specifications from requirements to operate the user authentication validation support needs , and can provide design , installation, operation and other documents should be confirmed to ensure product quality and traceability . Once launched , it has been warmly welcomed respected customers and industry experts.

Our booth is the International Museum of S2-V15 number, all aspects of the exhibition companies are well prepared in advance , from Wuhan last year after the show began scheduling, tracking every stage of company leaders personally , the purpose is for the 4-day National Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition to get prepared . Exhibition sales staff patiently explain the performance of the products , answer customer questions patiently , patiently answer technical staff is a variety of technical issues raised by customers , project officers on standby at all times ready to deal with unexpected situations that may arise equipment operation , through the concerted efforts of all staff of the exhibition Hongji company effort and sweat to make the exhibition successful completion .

During this exhibition, I also specially arranged "charm Qingdao Tour" activities and the new and old customer appreciation dinners, and set up the lucky draw at the dinner , participate in the activities of the most senior leaders of major companies in the industry , and Shandong Hongji together leaders and staff had a wonderful time. Through this event not only to build a good platform for the business friends , and for us to establish a good corporate image. Of course , through this exhibition , SECESPOL China ( Shandong Hongji ) at the same time we will harvest acclaimed performance and pay more attention to product quality, brand strength , to promote the domestic pharmaceutical industry technical standards up to a new level and work!


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