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Warm congratulations on the new site in Shandong Hongji revised line!

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With the company's business volume and expanding services , the style and content of the original site has been increasingly unable to meet the needs of customers , in order to further demonstrate our new and old customers the company's size and strength , about the company 's products and services , the company decided re- revision of the site , to intensify propaganda network. Through careful planning professional website design company associated with internal staff , the company's Web site has been optimized adjustment , the new website on April 18, 2013 revision success !
    New website , application of advanced web development and design process , using a wide and succinct pages , giving an updated visual experience ; module layout, page design , website content and functions of a larger adjustment, and strive page appearance, reasonable structure , rich in content , easy to read.
    Content, increasing the brand introduction and development, and manufacturing as well as staff from home part , appear to show the customer the full strength of the company 's comprehensive meteorological and flourish , the new website will further narrow the distance between us and our customers , so that we can accurately understand customer needs , but also enables customers to fully understand Shandong Hongji , the new website is our business promotional window , and we will strive to build into our customer -friendly communication platform.
    New website for a period of time after the revision , the inevitable deficiencies , in which we ask that you give us in criticism and understanding ! On the occasion of the revision released on the occasion, we have :
   I wish our customers and friends good health, Rijindoujin !
   I wish all the staff seemed to work , good mood every day !
   Zhu Shandong Hongji thriving career Evergreen !

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