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SECESPOL Group, as one of the major manufacturers in the world, is professional in shell & tube heat exchanger.
What we have of product contains High Quality Heat Exchanger, CIP inline cleaning system, intelligent heating system and customized heating system. For which, demands of our clients in heat exchange would be full satisfied in now and ever(current and potential).
SDHuge heat exchange technology Co., Ltd headquarters SECESPOL in China, take charge of its Asian market and technique support service.
SECESPOL has been always devoting in development of high-efficient product and supporting the best heat-exchange solution.
We created the first “Corrugated Spiral Tube Bundles Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger - JAD line” in 1988. Its incomparable superiority in water-heat exchange makes it honored as the “Steam Prince” in Europe. All benefit from its up to 14000W/㎡ ℃ heat transfer rate.

Mission and Values
Exchange Creates Value!
SECESPOL keeps on adopting the very advanced technique and reasonable process. Our modern production Environment and strict testing methods are contributed into producing exchangers with safety, reliability, efficiency and material saving. Above of which have met our customers’ demands and brought them more benefits.
As the well-known manufacturer of plastic heat exchanger, CALORPLAST Group founded in1936, has nearly a century’s experience of design and make. They hold a powerful technique team with severely devising process, driving their specific “Injection Molding” Technique into EU patent as well as passing the”EN ISO 9001:2000”. Now we Shandong Huge heat exchange technology Co., Ltd doing the sole agent of which, would sincerely willing to provide you with the best heat-exchange solution.

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