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Germany Müller ( Mueller ) company located in Hanover, Germany, is a professional manufacturer of nearly 50 years of development history of research and development, production of various kinds of industrial sensors. With offices in the U.S., the UK, Italy, Finland and other 25 countries , annual sales value up to 450 million euros . The company is headquartered in Hanover, Neustadt am Rübenberge, the main production temperature, force and pressure measurement sensors and digital display and measurement equipment. There indicating instrument , signal processing products and product solutions. First-class management and customer satisfaction is an important part of the formation of the company philosophy .

Muller Company Certification:
DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
KBA safety standards
EX- proof standard
From development to mass production of customized solutions :
In addition to the broad standard interface measurement equipment , Muller also offer a single product from development to mass customization solutions.

Product applications worldwide
Muller 's equipment is widely used around the world , primarily in the areas of process industry , food / pharmaceutical / biotechnology, chemical , energy , climate, and shipbuilding industries. Through a worldwide sales network, Muller's equipment is now in over 25 countries and regions.

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