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Centec has over 40 years of research and development, manufacturing and application experience in the industry , we are well-known clients in more than 20 countries worldwide technical areas related to the design and manufacture of various types of high-precision measurement, analysis , control devices and solutions. Excellent performance of our products from our unique density , concentration and other parameters to accurately measure and control.

As a globally operating company, we are an honest and reliable partners, we strive to provide quality services to users around the world . We specialize in the development and manufacture of precision sensors and analysis , transmission , monitoring and control devices , to achieve the optimal R & D, design, assembly , technology, operations services , such as full 360 -degree core value of the resource control, and can be widely used in liquid and gas measurement , each core technology analysis and processing. This is a unique Centec !

> Beer and Beverage Industry
> Pharmaceutical Industry
> Chemical Industry
> Power and Energy Industry
For real-time measurement of liquids and gases , the analysis of control is drink beer, fermentation , pharmaceutical and chemical industry production process indispensable link. Centec sensor is a device used in the above measurement and analysis process control , we adopt sanitary products designed to meet all kinds of normative technical requirements.
We measure the liquid product both in the content of oxygen and carbon dioxide sensors are also applied in other liquid vehicle ( sugar , alcohol , dissolved salts, etc. ) concentration , saturation and density measurement sensors . Which RHOTEC product because of its high precision measurement models feature has been identified as the German government imposed a statutory duty on alcoholic beverages measurement equipment .
We have developed COMBITEC sensors are widely used in the three-component liquid oxygen measurement analysis . Large breweries around the world have applied successfully , this compact sensor measuring device can be used in various segments malting process , fermentation , brewing , etc. .

We also provide you with include water , oxygen , carbon and nitrogen , ingredients and mix well kill Palestinian , alcohol and other types of modular unit system devices. No matter how complex your process requirements , we always have an original design of the product is right for you to optimize your production process , improve your work efficiency. Products are as follows :

→ ion exchange
→ Water Softening
→ Super nanofiltration
→ RO
→ WFI water distillation
→ pure steam generator
→ vacuum degassing
→ carbonation and decarbonization
→ nitride
→ wort aeration
→ yeast automated quantitative
→ High Gravity mixed
→ continuous premixed
→ additive ingredients
→ flash pasteurization
→ sterile filtration
→ off alcohol
→ reign cleaning (CIP) and sterilization in place (SIP)

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